Monthly Archives: November 2011

After my Midterm


One of the biggest things i don’t get is cheating. I just don’t understand how a person can degrade themselves to such a level and cheat. Cheating in every sort of way, cheating in relationships, cheating in money, but for the time being my biggest shock is cheating in school.

I don’t really recall many people cheating when i was in Canada, but coming here for university, i realized SO MANY PEOPLE CHEAT! And i just cant understand why! i’m in a muslim world… HELLO people! *sigh* The prophet alayhi asalaam said: “Anyone who cheats us is not one of us.” [Muslim] Okay, maybe people haven’t heard this hadith, or have but don’t completely understand it. For me, put aside that i’m studying Islam as a degree, but this hadith since i remember hearing it in grade 7 makes me feel pity for myself, and pretty much sad. Imagine the prophet saying ‘you’re not one of us’… imagine? :S subhanAllah, may Allah protect us all.

I was writing a midterm today – Seerah midterm – and the girl beside me starting whispering my name. a) i don’t cheat, period. b) comon, this is a seerah midterm, if u wanna cheat at least major in something other than deen! When we came out she was like ‘DANIA, I wanted to give u the answer!’ My reaction was basically jaw dropped down, face in utter disgust. How could she? i basically said to her that i’d rather give in a blank exam then cheat on one question.

Can you imagine cheating on your exam? Deen, medicine, geography, biology, whatever it is, you cheat on the exam – good for you. You get an A, hooray. Then what? You get a good job! Okay, mabrook. Then what, you get an income… how halal is that money do you think? Then you start a family, the money you’re getting them, from the degree that you cheated to get, just because you were either too lazy to study, or wanted the so called ‘thrill’ of cheating. Rethink your life. That’s what it comes down to … cheating on an exam to some people is so 3aady, no biggie, but thinking about the bigger picture and how you might be affecting the rest of your life. Can you cheat your way out of the judgment in front of you Lord, subhanahu wa talaa.

This is just a reminder for myself foremost, the trap of shaytan is too darn ugly to get caught in.