Whom do I cry too?


Life’s hard. It isn’t supposed to be a piece of cake, and thats where i find the beauty of it. The ups and downs, the smiles the frowns, that is what keeps life more worthwhile. But sometimes it can get really hard…

Sometimes you feel like you’ve lost all control on what you thought you had going on right. You think you’ve got ‘control’ on your life, you’ve got it all planned out, but things go wrong, and thats well… life.

If it was easy, if we were perfect, if disasters and bad days didn’t happen, it would not be life… Thats how we grow, how we learn, how we love. Life. Oh life.

But there are days worse than others… days where all you want to do is sit in bed and cry, you feel like everything is crumbling in front of your eyes. The years, the sweat, the tears, the joy, all gone to waste. Everything … just bam… gone.

You want to scream, you wanna cry, but you don’t know to whom. You don’t want to hurt the ones close to you, you don’t want to cry to people whom look up to you, you can’t cry to yourself because that hurts your self esteem, you don’t wanna feel like you’ve lost it.

Sometimes, we forget the bigger purpose in life. We forget that our relationship with Allah is what matters, our realtionship with our Creator is what needs mending… He’s the One we need to cry to… without shame and without any hard feelings.

Just sometimes, you gutta cry to Allah. Realize that it is all in His hands, subhanahu wa ta’ala… Its such a beautiful thing actually… cry to the One whose got it all planned out for you, the One who knows you best, the One whom you can cry and cry and not feel bad for doing.

قَالَ إِنَّمَا أَشْكُو بَثِّي وَحُزْنِي إِلَى اللّهِ وَأَعْلَمُ مِنَ اللّهِ مَا لاَ تَعْلَمُونَ

I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah (Yusuf: 86)

 Ayub, alayhi asalaam, didn’t cry to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala ‘angry’ or ‘mad’ at what is happening to him. Nope. On the contrary, he cried because no one can solve his problems, no one can help him, no one can ease his pain except Allah.

When you cry to Allah jala wa ‘alaa, you cry for answers, you cry for utter peace in your heart, you cry because in the end of the day no one can help you with your problems, except Allah.

So cry. Do it. Man up, and cry. But cry to Allah, not angry at what is written for you, but cry because that is the only guidance you need.

Cry, it will make you feel better 🙂


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  1. I second every word of yours! I’ve had the exact same times in life.. and alhumdulillah, for them because today I’ve learnt to cry to no one but Allah, because no one absolutely no-one knows the little details of your life other than you and Allah! and thus no one can understand us better than Him!

    And the peace, subhanAllah, the peace that the heart feels after you cry out to Allah.. there couldnt be anything other than that which could bring peace to our heart and soul other than that, Alhumdulillah!

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