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The Blessing of Islam


الحَمْدُ للّهِ عَلَى نِعْمَةِ الإسْلَام 

“Praise to Allah (سبحانه وتعالى) for the blessing of Islam”

As I grew older and mingled more with people whom were not Muslim, it became more and more vivid to me of the greatest blessing that Allah has bestowed upon me – ISLAM.

Sometimes I really feel like we forget that it is considered a ‘blessing’… blessings to us is our eyesight, our healthy bodies, our wealth, our family… but our religion? Its just a given thing, especially for the ones whom are blessed x2 to be BORN into Islam.

It’s a blessing because Allah chose you, you were chosen by Allah, He chose you! It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Studying shariah really gets me thinking, there are some rulings that to our small point of view, seem well… strange. Sometimes people start saying well why should I do this, or why should I do that?! Why should I obey Allah?? What’s in it for me?!

But sometimes I like to look at it in a way that, He blessed you to be in this deen, He blessed you with this light for the rest of your life, He blessed you to have the road of Heaven open and gave you the means of getting there. Our way to show our thankfulness for being Muslims is obeying Him and not asking why.

I know that many people dislike the “don’t ask, just obey” but knowing the wisdom of every ruling, its not easy, and well you can’t just read it on islam q&a. knowing the wisdom in its details and truly appreciating it and gripping firmly to it, is well what I’m majoring in in University. It’s university material, its hard, its complicated, but its beautiful.

Living in a muslim country now, I see more of how people are Muslims by name and passport, but not their real identity. The beauty of islam is it becomes your name, your life, your every breathe, your lifestyle, your everything… not just have a muslim  name and that’s it.

I dislike judging, and I try my hardest to not judge anyone. If a girls in a hijab and skin tight jeans and an insanely skin tight shirt… I don’t need to judge her, I don’t have any right to judge her… its sometimes more easy to just give her excuses, I always like to say ‘well maybe she doesn’t know’ and wow its amazing how many people don’t know what it means to truly wear hijab.

Islam is a gift in every manner, it’s a gift to practice it well, not just be muslim, but have the strength to practice it.

May Allah give us the strength and power to become the muslims we are meant to be, to enter us jannatul firdows, and have mercy upon us!