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Would like to just wish you all a Ramadan Mubarak! I ask Allah to allow us to benefit from every moment and allow us to take a closer step towards Him.

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Dania Tbakhi


Hope in Humanity


The other day, as i was walking to university, i saw this handicapped guy stopping a Taxi. As the taxi stopped for him, the guy was having a hard time lifting himself into the car and getting himself adjusted. Than randomly an old old old man came running (well, it was quite a slow run) towards the man and just helped him. He just helped him get in the car, strapped him in. By this time, the taxi driver got out and took the wheel chair in.

I really wanted to go hug that old man. He was, like no kidding, maybe 80 years old, could barely walk, but he saw this 30 year old man in need, and he didn’t let anything stop him.

It really made me smile. Alhamdulilah. There are good people out there. I feel like the best of deeds are those done truly and solely for Allah, just to be a good person, to get the reward, and to leave a smile on someones face. It was a beautiful scene.

Thank you uncle/3amo for making my day!

Those Eyes


Today is the day that I actually truly was able to realize the blessing of eyesight. One of my favorite profs is completely blind in one eye, and partially in the other, but he never made us feel like he was any different than us. He’s in his mid 30’s, cracks jokes like he is one of us, can identify you by your voice, you can never speak to your neighbor because he hears every word, and he is so intelligent.

Its been a crazy new experience living here in Jordan, especially from a university perspective… my profs have never once asked me to ‘email’ them any reports, actually here the handwritten ones show that you put more effort… but this prof asked us to email him our reports.

First of all, I’m like ‘YEAH! FINALLY!’ but then I began thinking… how is he going to read it?

So I sent it, and I wanted to make sure he got it, so I went to his office and asked him to check his email to see if he got it. SubhanAllah, when he opened his computer, it began talking. Everything he pressed or wiped his mouse over, it talked. At this point, I was literally in tears, I couldn’t hold myself back. The screen was zoomed in so big, that the whole screen said ‘INBOX’ for example… and he sat really close to read it well.

It just made me step back and look at the scene. Here I am typing out on word in a size less than 100% because I can’t bare large fonts, and here is my prof, asking us to hand in our work to his email because its more professional and university like.

And if you should count the favor of Allah, you could not number them.
(Surat Ibrahim: 34)

This is the ayah that came to mind as soon as I realized how worthy my eyes were. If I were just to count the blessings of the blessing of eyesight, I could never be able to. I never really thought about how easy it was to open my laptop, to send an email, to write a fb status, to tweet something randomly from my cell.. its nothing hard for me.

Even though he doesn’t know it, my prof really means a lot to me. He has taught me so much about how simple this life is. He has gotten his degree, he is a really well known prof, he is funny, he is smart, and he’s living the normal life as the guys in our lectures would say.

May Allah allow us to realize the blessings we have been given and to thank Him always.