Hope in Humanity


The other day, as i was walking to university, i saw this handicapped guy stopping a Taxi. As the taxi stopped for him, the guy was having a hard time lifting himself into the car and getting himself adjusted. Than randomly an old old old man came running (well, it was quite a slow run) towards the man and just helped him. He just helped him get in the car, strapped him in. By this time, the taxi driver got out and took the wheel chair in.

I really wanted to go hug that old man. He was, like no kidding, maybe 80 years old, could barely walk, but he saw this 30 year old man in need, and he didn’t let anything stop him.

It really made me smile. Alhamdulilah. There are good people out there. I feel like the best of deeds are those done truly and solely for Allah, just to be a good person, to get the reward, and to leave a smile on someones face. It was a beautiful scene.

Thank you uncle/3amo for making my day!


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