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Getting Lost


So i have a bad habit of getting lost (especially at night) whilst driving in areas i don’t really know. So today i got .. well REALLY lost alhamdulilah 😛 and well ended up somewhere really nice 🙂

My sister called to check up on me and wanted to know where i was so she asked what was in front of me, so i pulled over to read what was in front of me, and it said something ’10 promised Paradise..’ so i told her i would get back to her.

I ended up at the shrine of one of the 10 promised Jannah, Abdurahman bin Awf!!! SubhanAllah it was such a beautiful experience.. i don’t know what it was that really affected it, but it made me really think of this ayah

And no one knows in what land he will die. (Quran 31:34)

Anyways, made me love Jordan a little more. At least getting lost here gets to you to holy sites, not to a dump 😛



Cough Cough


I have developed this really bad cough over the summer … alhamdulilah. Anyways, sometimes i get into a coughing fit where i literally cannot breathe anymore. So today i was out with my friends for lunch, and it was in the mall food court, and i began coughing and coughing and coughing.

Then randomly this guy came running up to me and asked if i wanted some water. I nodded my head and was literally out of breath. Within a minute he came back and had gotten me a glass of water.

SubhanAllah, i was barely able to thank him, i didn’t even know he was and which place he was working at … if he was working at a place, but it really made my day.

Its small gestures that people forget to make that change someone else’s day. I really really just want to give a shout out to all those people who do small good deeds, for the sake of doing a good deed and being a good person.

If each one of us did something good to another person, daily, this world would be a better place.

So thank you stranger, thank you thank you, I ask Allah to grant you the best in this life and the hereafter. 

🙂 Be nice, it aint hard. It really is important to be nice, because random acts of kindness could be your key to Jannah. 


Be The Change



Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change themselves… (Surat alRaad: 11)

This part of the ayah always gets to me. So many times we tend to point out the problems in our society, we don’t like this, we don’t like that, we want change, we look for change, we vote for change.

But why can’t we work on changing ourselves?

It is, and should be a whole community effort. If everyone looks at themselves, changes themselves, starts it within, the ummah will change, the problems we face will change. People, and as a person living in an arab country, tend to only look into the fault of others. We judge wayyy to much, we want everyone around us to change, but we really need to realize that when we work to change ourselves, when every person works on themselves, that is what will make the big difference.

We sometimes ask, why is our ummah at such a sad state these days? How will Allah change our condition when we have so many hearts that need changing. So many people who need to work on themselves.

Its like what Ghandi says ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.‘ Its so true, because changing our condition, our hearts, the way we treat each other, it will cause a big affect on our community and to our society. We expect so much, we look for so much, but at the same time we don’t want to work one bit on ourselves, why is that?

So lets start with ourselves. Change yourself, don’t worry about others 🙂 We can’t keep relying on someone else changing, we really need to start taking responsibility. 




SubhanAllah, its been exactly 7 years ago today that i began wearing the hijab.

Alhamdulilah 😀 !!!

I was just thinking back to the first day i wore hijab, i remember my outfit. Pink pants, a white shirt with a big butterfly on it, and a pink and white hijab. (girly, eh?) SubhanAllah, and i remember how i went out that day and it was so hot, and i’m like woah, what did i get myself into.

But man… that was the best day of my life. You know why? Because this hijab.. has since that day been my mark in life. My identity. Me.

Being a hijabi well its not a walk in the park, but rather like a stroll down a beautiful lane, that may have a couple rocks you will stumble upon. When i first started wearing hijab, i kinda thought ‘okay, this is it, i made my parents happy, i’m obeying Allah, being a good muslimah… AND mama is going to buy me so many more new outfits. WOOHOO’

Lol, its nice to wear hijab from a young age, i mean at the right age (I was in grade 7) and you won’t know EXACTLY why you are wearing it, but what makes me smile is as I go on in life, and get into situations, read verses in the quran, listen to lectures, i just hold on to it more tightly, thanking Allah for allowing me to be blessed to be able to take on this beautiful thing and wear it.

Mama always says ‘You are what you wear’. And i once heard a quote saying ‘Style is a way to say who you are without speaking’… and it is so true! It means a whole lot that the way i drape my hijab over my head, gives me a whole identity, and because it is such a great responsibility, to be a carrier of this torch, insha’Allah, i ask Allah to allow me and everyone else to be the best muslimah out there 🙂

I really dislike how all of a sudden a wave of muslim women whom like to label themselves as feminists, have appeared to give their ‘personal’ opinion about why they think hijab isn’t wajib. Lol, its not what you think, it’s what is been written in the quran, for over than 1400 years.

I remember one of my profs telling us about hijab, and he was saying that for all these generations, people have been holding firmly to hijab, when the women at the prophets time heard the verse about covering up, they immediately without a hesitation pulled down their veils and covered their necks, but suddenly an uprise of women have come to for some odd reason, say that its not obligatory and it well holds them back from their freedom.

Yeah. NO.

May Allah guide them, really, i say that from the bottom of my heart, i really hope the women whom like to speak out against hijab, may Allah guide them to see the light the hijab has put in my life. Its been my guide for seven long years, and many more to come, insha’Allah ❀

Its beautiful, and i love it. It really is the most beautiful thing ever.

Hijab… well hijab gave me a push in life. Sometimes i was afraid to do things, but with my hijab, it just gave me a boost in my self esteem. I came to love my hijab more when i moved to the west because, not everyone wears hijab .. go figure :P. It made me shine, it toned down my outer beauty to allow others to appreciate something deeper, something within. To listen to me, to look at me as a human, and not to womanize and see my body as just a figure to pose beside a car.

It gave me the right and freedom that shorts and tanktops sure does not give a women.

It made me so much more beautiful. So much more confident. I became a real muslimah. I walk in the streets, and yes everyone knows i am a muslim. I feel as i wear my hijab as a walking flag of islam. And that is the biggest honor for me, to be representing the most beautiful thing sent to mankind.

Alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah, alhamdulilah. Every time i think about my hijab i want to make sujood alshukr for that Allah jalla wa 3ala has allowed me to be able to wear it, and made me shine in it.

I love it! 😀

My fave pictorials about hijab –





Please share your stories of how you came to wear hijab, or just what you love about it 🙂

We Are Family


Family is the most essential thing in a persons life, and it sometimes scares me how little care we take of it.

Family: it’s a 6 letter word but it is like from A to Z. It consists everything, it means everything. It is everything. 

Families aren’t perfect, no one has a perfect family, but why do we live with not the best. Why can’t we work on our family relationships as we work so hard to get the best marks? Why don’t we take care of the beauty of the family not just in public, but behind shut doors. 

Family is precious. Its not comparable to gold or diamonds, it can’t be compared to anything materialistic, because NO matter what, our family is always there. They’ll love us unconditionally, and for no reason … which i feel is the meaning of family. 

I don’t know what it is, but i feel like our society has given us an image now that you can live alone, by yourself, be independent  Don’t get me wrong, i’m all about independence (my feminine side coming out) but you can’t do it alone, you need a leaning shoulder, a nice word, someone there in your life. You can’t and i think it is kind of sick if you totally eliminate ‘family’ from your life. 

Islam is beautiful. Islam teaches us what family means. It sets for us a lifestyle where family is a major part of it. Family needs to be part of it. In islam you learn that kinship is what keeps the world a better place. It emphasizes the cutting off of kinship and shows its punishment in the hereafter, and seeing the great punishment shows you the value of your family and those whom are close to you. 

As ‘teenagers’, we tend to not realize how important our family is… sadly. We tend to see our friends more important. Our studies occupy most of our time, our extracurricular activities take over our lives. Its a beautiful thing to be active, to take care of our studies, to have a social life, but its scary if that doesn’t leave us room to take care of our parents. To tell our parents before we sleep we love them, to hug our siblings, to go an extra step and show them they matter. 

We all make mistakes. We do dumb things, and only come to remember them when its too late. I just wish we can learn to forgive each other more often, and smile much more 🙂 

I love my family, i know i can quite the introvert sometimes, and not talk to them as much as i should, and that is something i really want to work on.




Our Lord, forgive me and my parents

The Sky



During the last ten nights in Ramadan, after taraweeh, we’d sit outside and wait to see the meteor showers. SubhanAllah- the sky is beautiful. Its so complex and mind boggling. It makes you feel so serene.

And verily We have beautified the world’s heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame. (AlMulk 5)

One More Time


SubhanAllah, the first day of Eid one of my high school classmates passed away suddenly. And this morning i woke up to hear the news of my 2nd cousin passing away. I feel like all my posts are about death, but the only thing that really gets me thinking is death..

Death – the destroyer of pleasures.

These past two days I’ve heard of around 5 deaths subhanAllah, and it makes me think of how this life is nothing. This dunya is just a couple of passing days, and we forget the akhira.

What was beautiful about Ramadan, and makes my heart ache that it left us so quickly, is how are hearts are at a constant Eman high. We were in 3ibadah, all the time. We had our Quran’s in our purses, all the time.

I don’t want to be like them, and i don’t want Ramadan gone to make me one of them:

“And be not like those who forgot Allah , so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient.” al-Hashr 59:19

Its a beautiful feeling to be always in a state of taqwa, in a state of duaa, a state where you calculate the hours to go pray, where your sleeping schedule is messed up because you stay up all night finishing your khitmah and catching up on qiyaam. Its beautiful, and i miss it.

This ayah below gets me every time. The word fear here is taqwa in arabic. Have taqwa: be God conscious, be in a constant state of awareness that at any moment you shall return, and don’t think it won’t happen to you. Everything you do counts. Every deed, every salah, every ayah you read, every breathe you took, you will be accounted for what you have done. And the beautiful thing is, it will all be accounted for justify because Allah is the All Justice. He subhanahu wa ta3ala is the definition of Justice.

And fear (have taqwa) the Day when ye shall be brought back to Allah. Then shall every soul be paid what it earned, and none shall be dealt with unjustly. (Surat alBaqarah 281)

I know my thoughts are all over the place, they’re just bouncing around my head as ping pong balls, but this is a beautiful reflection I wanted to share:

“Every single night our soul is taken, and every single night the angel’s ask before bringing it back.. Ya Allah what about this one? , do You want to send it back? ..You want to pull the plug or should we keep the soul..and every night Allah gives permission to the angel to let him live one more time.”

— Nouman Ali Khan [from lecture: Gems from Surah Room]


Death is so near. And it should be something we think about. It shouldn’t cause us to be at a stage of phobia, where we don’t leave our houses. On the contrary, it should make us better people. People whom do only good, whom fear Allah in everything we do. We fear Allah with the money we bring home, with the food we eat, with the people we deal with. Fear Allah in everything. And its not that fear, that ugly fear. No, its actually quite beautiful. Its a fear that is combined with so much more. It has a deeper meaning, a deeper look. Its a fear that has hope in His Jannah, a fear that has love in it. Fear of Allah, because we love Him, and love to please Him subhanahu wa ta3ala.

Do good everyday, don’t ever pray salah just like that, be conscious and remember Allah before committing any sin, that maybe tonight your soul will not be returned. That tonight Allah may take your soul. Are you proud? Would you be okay if it was your last night? Are you ready?

No ones perfect. But thats okay. We can aim to be the best. Aim to stop our sins. Allah gave us a chance even though we constantly sin all year long, He allowed Ramadan to come to us. 30 nights of forgiveness, and one of them Laylatul Qadr. He gives us every moment to be a moment of tawbah, and this is because He, jalla wa 3ala, want’s His 3ebaad to die as Muslimeen.

Its never too late.

And after Ramadan has left us, try to be like them:

“And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord and a garden as wide as the heavens and earth, prepared for the righteous” Al-Imran 3:113