Cough Cough


I have developed this really bad cough over the summer … alhamdulilah. Anyways, sometimes i get into a coughing fit where i literally cannot breathe anymore. So today i was out with my friends for lunch, and it was in the mall food court, and i began coughing and coughing and coughing.

Then randomly this guy came running up to me and asked if i wanted some water. I nodded my head and was literally out of breath. Within a minute he came back and had gotten me a glass of water.

SubhanAllah, i was barely able to thank him, i didn’t even know he was and which place he was working at … if he was working at a place, but it really made my day.

Its small gestures that people forget to make that change someone else’s day. I really really just want to give a shout out to all those people who do small good deeds, for the sake of doing a good deed and being a good person.

If each one of us did something good to another person, daily, this world would be a better place.

So thank you stranger, thank you thank you, I ask Allah to grant you the best in this life and the hereafter. 

🙂 Be nice, it aint hard. It really is important to be nice, because random acts of kindness could be your key to Jannah. 



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