Getting Lost


So i have a bad habit of getting lost (especially at night) whilst driving in areas i don’t really know. So today i got .. well REALLY lost alhamdulilah 😛 and well ended up somewhere really nice 🙂

My sister called to check up on me and wanted to know where i was so she asked what was in front of me, so i pulled over to read what was in front of me, and it said something ’10 promised Paradise..’ so i told her i would get back to her.

I ended up at the shrine of one of the 10 promised Jannah, Abdurahman bin Awf!!! SubhanAllah it was such a beautiful experience.. i don’t know what it was that really affected it, but it made me really think of this ayah

And no one knows in what land he will die. (Quran 31:34)

Anyways, made me love Jordan a little more. At least getting lost here gets to you to holy sites, not to a dump 😛



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