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Smart Athkaar



It has been related by Juwayriyya that early one morning the Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) left her room while she was doing the dawn prayer. He returned later that morning and she was still sitting in the same place. “have you been sitting in the same place since I left you?” he asked. “Yes,” she replied. Whereupon the Prophet said, “I recited four phrases three times after I left you, and if these were to be weighed against what you have been reciting since dawn, they would still outweigh them. They are: ‘Glory be to Allah and Praise be to Him as much as the number of his creations, and His pleasure, and the weight of His Throne, and the ink of His words.’”

سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضى نفسه وزنه عرشه ومداد كلماته

SubhanAllah, sometimes we don’t really think about the quality of our athkar, but we think of the quantity. My hadith professor today was talking about how sometimes we got to be smart with our athkar. When we hear a hadith like this, where Juwariya sat from dawn to the break day making tasbeeh, which is obviously a great virtue, but at the same time the prophet told here these 4 phrases which couldn’t add up to what she had said.. why so?

a) Praising Allah by the number of His creations … UNCOUNTABLE

b) Praising Allah by the ink of His words

Say: ‘If the sea were the ink for the words of My Lord, truly the sea would be used up before the words of my Lord were completed, and even if We used the same again to assist. (Qur’an 18:109)

 So be wise whilst you praise Allah subhanahu wa ta’laa. Look for what weighs the most, and make them part of your life.



Le Quran


I enjoy shopping, a lot. But whenever i got there i get really overwhelmed by the amount of music that is played. I love listening to nasheeds, but sometimes i forget my ipod whilst i drive, and the only thing on the radio well is music. Whenever i see/read sayings like ‘Music is my life’ or ‘Music saves my soul’ i literally cringe inside, and at the same time smile.

I feel so blessed to be able to have the appreciation and love for the holy book of Allah, the Quran. Wallahi as much as music can be a fitnah and tempting to listen to, nothing can be perfect enough for any of your moods like the quran is. Music got nothing on it man.

When you’re happy, you can listen to the quran/read the quran and find your happiness satisfied.

“Never will i allow to be lost the work of any of you, male or female.” (3:195)

When you feel like finding a cave and leaving humanity, there will always be a verse that will bring you back to your senses and give you hope.

“When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls to Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way.” (2:186)

When you feel like the whole world has left you, and the whole world is asleep to your problems, you’ll read a verses like

“…Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge … (6:59)” 

Its not easy to always listen to quran, or allow it to be your get away from the world. But know that you can’t combine the love of the quran with the love of music in the same heart. Listening to the music of this world won’t allow you to enjoy the music of the akhira… so purify your ears, and cleanse your heart, and try to make the quran your outlet 🙂 its amazing, trust me!

Priorities Set Right


Today i was listening to one of my profs telling us about the Islam of Umar… radiya Allahu ‘anhu ❤ I adore him!

We were discussing how some people have got their priorities set straight, and how all they need is that last push and they’re set to go. When Uma’r radiya Allah ‘anhu accepted Islam, it was 3 years after Muhammad alayhi asalam, became a prophet, and up to that time, they never publicly talked about islam in the streets of Mekkah.

Umar that day was on a mission, he was set forth to kill the prophet, peace be upon him. He had nothing else set in mind but to do so, and he also, well from a psychological point of view, had thought of all the consequences of killing a member of the greatest tribe – Quryash.

But that did not get in his way. He had so much anger, so much energy that nothing could stop him. But by the will of Allah, he accepted islam that day.

And within seconds of reading the first verses of surat TaHa he said to his sister:

“I came to you as an enemy of Islam; I go from you as a friend of Islam. I had buckled this sword to slay the Prophet of Islam; I now go to him to offer him allegiance.”

He went to the prophet and accepted islam.

Allahu akbar, history at its finest. But.. he didn’t stop there. NOPE. That same energy he had, the same strong driven Umar bin alKhattaab he was before islam, he was after he became a muslim. He took all the energy, all those emotions within and used it now for the sake of Islam, and not against it.

Within hours, Umar changed history. He at first was marching to kill the prophet, then a few hours later, he took the shahada, and within 5 mins asked the prophet aren’t we on the truth, aren’t they on falsehood. THEY? Those whom he was amongst have now become ‘they’… man talk about priorities set right. As soon as he knew the truth, he didn’t put his hands and feet in cold water and just chill and say okay lets think about it. Nope.

He took it out to the streets. He went to the door of Abu Jahl and told him he was Muslim. For the first time in 3 years the muslims walked down the streets of Mekkah, for the first time declaring that there is no deity but Allah. This same man had it all set straight in his head, when he thought that islam and the prophet needed to be ended, he was driven and motivated and saw nothing in his way but to end it… Then he saw the truth and didn’t wait, he was determined to do the opposite with the same energy. It took him one day to change what will forever be a changing point in islam.

Sometimes we see the truth, but it takes us a while to act upon it. We gutta get our priorities set right and act upon them. Umar could of just sat in dar alarqam with the Rasool, but he didn’t because his character didn’t allow him to do so. And that is what i love most about Umar ❤ He brought the light to islam in his own way and this is what we should all do.

Umar didn’t have the quran memorized, or didn’t spend days on fasting, nights long praying, but yet he is one of the 10 promised Jannah. Umar had energy and Umar had a character that Islam needed. He used what he had for the sake of Islam, and that is what is just so amazing about him. SubhanAllah – sometimes we focus so much on how we need to make our eman higher by reading quran and memorizing hadiths and crying all night long.

Of course  that is beautiful and may Allah make us amongst those who do that, but sometimes we forget the each one of us has something special that Allah has blessed us with… Its all about learning what you have as a talent, what Allah has blessed with and work on it, and use it purely for him.

So get it all set straight and work on yourself to better yourself for Islam. And act upon it, don’t just sit back and wait for someone else to do it. You do it. And do it now 🙂

Not a Stranger After All


Often times we focus on how we are the very few who worship Allah yet we forget that well we are all in this together.

تسبح له السماوات السبع والأرض ومن فيهن وإن من شيء إلا يسبح بحمده ولكن لا تفقهون تسبيحهم إنه كان حليما غفورا

The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him and there is not a thing but glorifies His Praise. But you understand not their glorification. Truly, He is Ever Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving. (Al-Israa’ 44)

How can you feel like a complete stranger in this world when everything around you is glorifying Allah. As i stand to pray and see the bright moon in front of me, i think to myself… Allah created me to worship, Allah created the Moon as well, and the moon is glorifying Allah. That beautiful crescent in the sky up so high, is glorifying Allah. That brings shivers down my spine, the Lord of the moon, the Lord of me, the Lord of everything… we are all here to glorify Him subhanahu wa ta’ala.

During Ramadan we are at such an eman high because you don’t feel strange worshiping Allah. You have boost to fast and not complain because everyone else is doing it. You pray qiyaam quite easily, because well everyone else is and it makes it mentally easier on you. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, i just wish we could stay like that all year long.

So from now on i want to remind myself that everything is glorifying Allah swt, everything knows the value of the most Great the most High, and i am like any of His creation. I now know that i am not alone while i wake up to pray qiyaam. i can just look out the window and see the beams of the moonlight shining back at me, assuring me that it is also glorifying Allah while everyone else is fast asleep.

When i walk to university and hear the birds chirping amongst the loud noises of the cars passing by and the crazy morning rush of the city, i will tune it all out and listen to the chirps, and tell myself, them too are glorifying Allah.

Just remember that you were created to worship Allah, and if we only could take into account what an honor it is to be the slave of Allah, we would be just like the rest of His creation, in a constant state of glorification.

Is Your Day Worth Living?


Sometimes it really scares me how people so easily talk about how they don’t pray fajr! I don’t know if its me being naive or just so oblivious to what people have come to be, but is it that easy to just not pray fajr? I’m not saying its a piece of cake, its hard, it takes effort and practice. But you gutta put some effort in it right? Ajr doesn’t just doesn’t shower upon us if we don’t want to take the first step.
Fajr is what gives our day such a different meaning. For me, when i catch fajr just on time, even though usually i go back to sleep within 10 mins, i wake up feeling fresh. I feel like ‘YES, i woke up a couple hours ago to pray 2 rakah’s. I woke up and got up to worship my Lord.’ Wallahi it gives your day a different feel. 
I read this the other:
How can the sun of Islam rise again while the sons of Islam are asleep at sunrise.
… and not ever before have i read something that shook me so much as this. It is just so true! We sometimes forget the basics, sometimes we focus on the outside form of what Eman is, and what being a ‘Practicing Good Muslim’ is. But initiating the love and eagerness in the hearts of our youth and everyone in our ummah for salatul fajr, is something far more important than hundreds of islamic courses about dawah. 
Change starts within. I feel like when you can take care of your prayer, esp salatul fajr, you are superman. You can do anything. You can conquer the world, because whilst the whole world sleeps, you are chosen, you are of the few whom wake up and worship Allah.
For me, its the most beautiful feeling ever. To hear the athan call out, i feel like its so personal. Its just me and the muathin. I hear him say:
Prayer is better than sleep الصلاة خير من النوم
And my heart skips a beat. I love sleeping. I can sleep hours on, and wake up and be willing to take another nap. But when it comes to that part in the athan – every desire to be all cozy and cuddled up in bed goes away. I can be doing that, but if Allah swt has told us that there is more ‘khayr’, more goodness in Salat, than man i’m getting up and not even going to hesitate about it.
I say this reminding myself first and foremost about how important Fajr is. It isn’t easy to wake up, but when you do start making it a habit and giving your excuses a black eye… then you will experience the most beautiful eman boost, you will taste the fruits of Eman like you have never before, and you will have an inner alarm that will never allow you to loose that connection with Allah. 
I ask Allah to allow us to take care of this precious prayer, to allow us to wake up and never miss it and to allow us to appreciate it and realize how important it is!