You can try to brain wash me with your political view, and i don’t really like getting into political discussions, but how the heck do people just casually say ‘Well, they deserve it.’ 

Whether it be the catastrophes happening in Syria, and the massacres in Egypt, how does anyone deserve it. 

Ya jama3a, where has humanity gone?!! 

Its not about the muslim brotherhood, its about the literal human brotherhood that we have forgot and abandoned… seeing all these people killed by chemical weapons, or bearded men shot in their face for their appearance, they are still humans.

Families are being destroyed, fathers shot, brothers, sons, wives, sisters… 

After i saw the peaceful rally in Alqasa, where everyone came out just praying for the peace of the ummah, just to see the end of the mass deaths it really put a smile on my face.. Falesteen has been aching for 60+ years… and yet its humanity that brought them out to ask Allah for His aid.. and that is what we should be doing.

Ya rabbi, ya jabbar, ease the aching hearts of those whom are loosing their loved ones, and spread your mercy on those who’ve lost their lives.. and grant justice in the lands.

متى نصر الله… الا إن نصر الله قريب


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