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Taraweeh Truffle


You can follow these on youtube insha’Allah. Yay! 😀




Starting in less than 6 hours from now

Tune in with

Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
Shaykh Yaser Birjas
Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

as the Grand Liwaa Announcement is made

at 7:00PM EST

The Liwaa. The symbol of excellence. Once a year it is granted to
the Qabeelah that has showed the most ihsaan. Only a handful of
AlMaghrib Qabeelahs have been worthy of holding the coveted cup.

This year will it be retained by Qabeelat Shams? Will it be
returned to Qabeelat Majd? Or will it finally traverse back over
the Atlantic to the USA?

Find out tonight at 7PM EST

Precious Provisions!


Realized i’ve been posting many videos up lately, but man these are so worth it! ❤ LoL Almaghrib talent! 😀 masha’Allah

Take #1 Zabihah Man vs. Halal man

Take# 2 YO BEARD! — yo yo brother just chill man just chill! Typical

Take #3 Doritos party under skittles rainbow! Dream come true?

I Met a Cherry Blossom



I find the best of times to write, is when you are really in the zone, you gutta be totally devoted to what you are about to say.

I took Divine Link out of town alhamdulilah the past two weekends!

Before i had gone, i had emailed some sisters saying i will be attending. One sister i have never talked to replied saying it would be awesome if we met. We exchanged numbers in hope to meet each other amongst the 500+ students (yes im talking about Majd 😉 )

Anyhoo, I searched and searched, and she searched and searched for me. But we could not seem to find each other. To make a long story short we finally met! Alhamdulilah! Giving her a hug, i felt that i have known her for 4 years or so. It was so, subhanaAlla-ical :P.

We sat together in class, talked and talked, shed tears at the needed times during the lecture, when our heads got a bit heavy we had a shoulder to lean on. When my highlighter fell, she picked it up for me :).

Okay, i have a point. I have met so many dear people in my life alhamduliah (BintM Dop, SSM,HS) and i can go on forever alhamduillah! I have so many people, each one though to me is different.

My dear sis, she to me is a pink delicate cherry blossom. Why? To me she is a GEM, a precious GEM, a rare one, that i really randomly found. Within the few hours we spent together, she was able to make me tear from the fear of Allah, smile at something the prophet said, and ponder upon a deep ayah!

The true love, Allah places in our hearts that are so pure and so devoted to him, are the best loves we can attain and form. The whole ‘fillah’ friendship, man is that the REAL deal. 🙂

JazakiAllahu khairun ukhty, you know who you are <3.

Forgive me for anything i said/did intentionally/unintentionally to hurt you in any way. If tomorrow never comes, thank you! for the small amount of time we spent together.

Disclaimer: Je t’aime encore Sarah