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SubhanAllah never felt this so severly before, it has only been tow hours but I MISS CLASS! 😦

First off, the sheikh. Of course the knowledge he passed on was just purely amazing i can’t express how much i feel like i learnt from him. His manners and loving sinciere way of passing on this knowledge to us. But subhanAllah he was so humble! May Allah reward him!

This class is just beyond words; the memories, the tears, the LAUGHS, the screams -squirrels running in, car rides, lessons, GEMs, lunch, hugs, presents, the weird book, the CD’s, the cookies, the walkie talkies *cough*! ❤ and much more…

i am officially in Post Almaghrb Withdrawal Syndrome! Who’s with me?

The Collectors Edition Windsor ON Aug 7/8/9 and Aug 15/16 2009 never to be forgotten inshaAllah!

My way of expressing PAWS

My way of expressing PAWS

anyways alhamduliah 🙂 check these out GEMs and JazakAllah Khairun Sheikh!