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Who am I?


So we played this game today- we had to write a name of an animal and a couple of traits about them. Then we did it again, and again. After doing so one of the girls collected the papers and read them out loud saying that the first animal you chose is what people think of you the second animal is what you think of yourself, and the last animal is who you really are. And of course we had no clue what this game was! This is mine: ( I think its accurate eh? 😉 )

What people think of me?
A panda- Beautiful, Likes food(yum!), Soft/Fluffy!

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What i think of myself?
A camel(100% accurate)- Allah swt mentioned it in the quran, Pretty eyes, Patient

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Who I really am?
A leopard- Pretty, Fierce, Courageous!

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It was a fun game alhamduliah! a lot of laughter 😉