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Not Canadian Enough?


So, my two friends and I went around our neighborhood collecting money for a raising cancer event that is held in our school. First, i thought that my neighborhood would be pretty easy and give me 5 bucks each, little did i know how stingy people could be :(.

Anyways, we approached one house, and i went to ring the bell. An old man opened the door and was like;

“What is this… an arab invasion?!”

Lol, it was amusing, and i laughed it off and told him what i was really here for. He told me his wife had taught at the school we attended for 20 years, so he went to call her. Their house seemed so empty and quite scary. As we stood outside waiting for her to come, we began laughing about how the two friends of mine weren’t even ‘arab’.

When his wife, an old lady came up, she looked quite ‘astonished’ by how we looked. I told her what the event was and if she was interested in donating. She took out $5 and then signed a pledge. She kept looking at us weird, and they asked us where we were born and raised. To limit the talk we just told them we were born and raised in Canada (we honestly were so tired and just wanted to leave). Then the lady looked at me and asked;

“Well… why you still wearing that… why don’t you wear canadian clothes yet?”

Oh my, what was i going to say!

“Well, this is how i define modesty. I love what i wear, its part of my religion, and i am free to choose what i dress in.”

“But… *points at self* this is canadian clothes… not that *points at abaya*.”

“My body is a precious jewl, just like a pearl is covered by its shell, because its so precious, i keep myself covered up.”

It got quite awkward at this point… she gave me the scariest look ever;

“Are you insulting me… am i NOT modest!”

“No, no, no… you are but my religion is different. Didn’t Mary and Mother Taresa dress like this?”


Her husband then intrupted the silence;

“Yes, i am catholic, and nun’s always dressed like this, its how you are supposed to dress.”

It was such a weird conversation. The man was so knowledgable about islam and kept seeking to ask more, while his wife just didn’t like that we weren’t Canadian enough, and since we live in Canada we should dress Canadian… Even though Canada is quite multicultural.

So there is my story about a lady asking me why i haven’t ‘adapted’ to the Canadian atire yet. It was an awesome form of Dawah, may Allah guide them!

And honestly, i have never been asked such a question. No one has asked me about the abaya ever… 🙂


Precious Provisions!


Realized i’ve been posting many videos up lately, but man these are so worth it! ❤ LoL Almaghrib talent! 😀 masha’Allah

Take #1 Zabihah Man vs. Halal man

Take# 2 YO BEARD! — yo yo brother just chill man just chill! Typical

Take #3 Doritos party under skittles rainbow! Dream come true?