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By the Candlelight



I have a question for you, how has your khusho’ (devotion/tranquility) been lately in your prayers?

I feel like such an ‘adult’ when i see this but life as we get older gets so hectic and busy. When i used to hear people say “I have no time!!!” i never got it.. but now i do. But that sadly has personally taken a toll on me, and especially as my duty as a muslim and my relationship with Allah سبحانه وتعالى .

I know many of us have had phases in our lives where we suddenly feel so distant from Allah سبحانه وتعالى. We all want to be the best we can but then forget the smallest and most important of things that will get us where we want.

But then yesterday i got to a point where i just needed a break. I needed it forreal.

So before i went to bed i lit up the candles in my room, got into matching salah outfit, and turned off the lights. I decided to pray out loud and actually feel like this prayer is what will be my ticket to paradise.

I haven’t prayed such a beautiful prayer in such a long time.

Take time to remember Allah, and remember that tasting the sweetness of prayer is what keeps us strong. Try it. Pray in a different area, read a longer verse, turn off lights and light a candle.



What do you proclaim?


“In our Sujood we proclaim سبحان ربِّيَ ألأعلى – Glory be to Allah The Most High. We do this with our forehead pressed to the floor (a place that people just walked on). We take what we hold so proudly and take such care of and we place it on the ground.


Now as we are rising, we are proclaiming الله اكبر – Allah is GREATER.
As we are getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves that Allah is Greater. 2 seconds ago with our forehead to the ground we proclaimed: Glory be to Allah the Most High. While getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves, it doesn’t matter how high up we get, physical, spiritual, monetary,etc.. Allah is Greater.

Allah is reminding us: PUT YOURSELF IN CHECK : that floor you just raised your head from, I created you from it, and I will return you to it. So never for a second forget that Allah is Greater.

How often do we prefer what we want over what Allah swt wants us to do?(when we commit such acts, we are proclaiming with our actions: I am greater, my needs are greater.)

How can we do such a thing!

That’s what Adam a.s. and Hawwa a.s. realized when they committed that act of disobedience and Tawbah granted them the ability to get closer to Allah once again.”

My Heart Finds Ease


The biggest blessing about living in an Arab country has got to be being able to hear the athan… wallahi as much as i try to express my love for just hearing the athan from my window, hearing the iqama, and sometimes on a good day hearing the whole prayer being lead on loudspeaker .. i just cannot put words to my love for it. 

 أرحنا بها يا بلال

Relax us with [the prayer] O Bilal”

A lot of people ask me where is nicer ‘Canada’ or ‘Jordan’ .. each place has its up and downs, but putting just the ease my heart gets hearing the athan on a scale to my love and patriotism to the ‘West’ its basically equal if not more. 

Till now my eyes tear when i hear the athan, because not only do i hear the athan from the mosque beside my house, but i hear the athan of the mosque a couple blocks down, and the one further and the one farther than that. 

There is something ‘magical’ i guess you can say just by hearing the athan. I mean Salah of course in general, is a break out time of our busy lives, but the athan its self, the tranquility it fills your heart with, is just .. astounding. 

Whenever the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam felt sad he would go and pray. And he sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam would say to Bilal, “Relax us with [the prayer] O Bilal.” Its a serenity. The calling of prayer in itself is a beautiful way to approach salah. 

For me, not only is it ‘athan’ but i feel like it sums up my life, in a few minutes…

I testify in the greatness of Allah, and i testify that Mohammad is his prophet and messenger. Salah, the first thing i will be judged for on the day of Judgment, i ran to it, i leave everything to go to it, i love it. Falaah (success) is what us simple humans aim for. All i want, all i need is to be successful. All i do, all i run after is success in this life and the hereafter. 

Alhamdulilah ❤ 🙂

Prepared for YOUR interview?



So the beautiful experience of… interviews! aaah 🙂 lol

Alhamdulilah, i had an interview today (my first ever) and it was just amazing! Subhan’Allah, the people were so nice and sweet and it was just amazing! What got me thinking though was a few things:

1) Religion and appearance: when i told my friends about this interview, first off they began talking about what should i wear. Obviously this is something that is going to be on my top priority, because appearances leave an impression. I simply said, an abaya and a blazer. Simple. Not to complex, neat and clean.

Abaya??? Seriously? And its black too :O. Alhamdulilah, yes i went in my loveley handy dandy black abaya, no problemo, i didn’t even think twice of wearing something else to the interview, if this position requires forfeiting my deen, then there is no use to it.

I went in my black abaya. And looked pretty decent alhamdulilah.

2) Preparation: So i went to this interview, really not knowing what to expect. It’s something totally new different, exciting and so many more things to describe it. How did i prepare? How long have i been waiting for that 15 mins to come? I made sure to stand in front of the mirror for a good 20 mins and review what i had in mind to say.

3) Being there: Now that’s a whole different thing. As i ‘prepared’ i felt nervous and shaky, what if i stumble what if i say the wrong thing? Maybe i will mumble? Eye contact!!!

It was soooo smooth alhamduliilah. I sat down smiled and introduced myself. They were very very nice and made me feel comfy and from there i took it away (well i think i did well… insha’Allah)

All this, the week I spent writing and editing my essay. The few days i sat compiling and organizing my resume. The effort i put in, and sincerity to my passion to what this was all about, all comes down to 10 mins of them asking me what i would do in what situation, and what I have planned and what my background experiences were like.

10 minutes. A month of preparing and sweating over, for 10 mins!

Alhamdulilah 🙂

Now this all got me thinking. That interview was a breeze alhamdulilah. How well do we prepare for our salahs? 5 times a day we stand in front of Allah azawajal! Allah! Like this really was more a reminder for me than anything else. I made sure i rehearsed and picked out the best things to say. For one simple interview, I picked out a nice outfit, was so excited/nervous/scared. I wanted it to go well.

Do you set a time before and after each prayer where you want to prepare before you go for this ‘meeting’ with Allah, make sure you smell good, made good wudu’ sit down, calm down, freshen up, rehearse?

Do we do that? SubhanAllah, a very valuable lesson i learnt from my aunt was the way she would get so excited when salah time came along. She left everything, got out her mat sat down and took a breather.

Something to think about 🙂



Confused what route to take. I feel lost. Cry, tear, scream. What do I do? I turn towards the qiblah. Bend my legs. And ask for guidance from Allah subhanahu wa tala.

5. You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything).

6. Guide us to the Straight Way

[surat alFatiha]

Checking my Kneemail


You know somedays you just feel so down, and you don’t find any other solution but to cry. You think you have ‘nothing’ left to live for, you have no one to talk to,nothing to do, you just wanna throw yourself on your bed and do… nothing?

I think it is time to reivie our divine connection with Allah. I speak to myself first and foremost. When i get so down sometimes the only way to rasie back up is to get down in sujood. Allah subhanahu wa tala is always there for me. A friend can be busy with her family, your sister might be busy studying, your daddy at work, no one there, but remember Allah jala wa ‘ala is always there.

“You are always busy checking your email, well it is time to check your kneemail.” -Shaykh YB

If you feel like you are going through a rough time, have patience, make duaa, and hey its a great time to connect yourself with Allah. Then when you get so used to it, you find yourself always talking and asking for His help, and that is the ultimate goal.

Sometimes in life you have a rusty connection with Allah, always asking in the times of need, and you find that the connection is quite slow. It is because you might have not taken the time out to make that certain connection the best one out there. So that in the times of ease its always there and the times of hardship, its is always there to aid you.

(I realized i always post about this, but it is duaa and salah, that really keeps our life rolling, i learnt the value of salah (divine link<3), and wallahi it makes life so much easier alhamdulilah… so lets try to get crackin’ inshaAllah)

On One Leg


SubhanAllah! Allahu Akbar! Look at this old turkish man. He is praying in Meccah, with one leg. The man who took the video was basically saying, he didn’t realize he had one leg, because he was so uptight and firm in his salaah. He didn’t move around or have a cane, he even said, he was faster getting up than he was.

No excuse for missing out on our salah, subhanAllah, cheirsh the blessings in having 2 legs, did you ever think of having one leg and praying?