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Dearest school,

You have done me well for the past 13 years of my life. You learnt the intelligent ways to torment me. The piles of physics equations that you have left me with, that are marked with tears. I live life once, and i do appreciate what you have offered me. But listen here, do not overwhelm me with the meeting i have to come see in a few hours. Oh the content feeling of excitement overtakes my body as march break arrives.

Dear march break,

i count down the moments till we meet. Ahh our meeting will be so delightful, so full of love and passion! Ahh the few 5 days i will indulge in your sweet, beautiful moments. Oh how i long for you! If only you knew the highlights and circles i have spent marking the day of your arrival, the day you sweep me off my feet, oh how i long for that day. Oh how i will embrace you and take good care of you, cherish every moment i spend with you! Ohh! Alhamdulilah you are here. *heart eyes*

[Idea Credit: Asil M]


1st Day of School-Reflections



So today was the first day of school. SubhanAllah I realized I so don’t miss it, why? I can write a book about it! Later inshaAllah πŸ™‚

Here are some things I thought about during the day:

  • Too much fitnah: Fitnah Fitnah Fitnah! Sigh! SubhanAllah there is so much in school that you find yourself in total disgust. Some things I have to get used to once again and especially lowering the gaze. I have never been the type of person who looks down on the floor while walking, i actually get dizzy. But in school I have to sacrifice my neck. Its the only way! SubhanAllah and you end up finding yourself lowering your gaze esp towards the girls. The way the dress just is utterly horrifying! May Allah give them hidyaah! I mean I do constantly have the question ‘why are you wearing that black dress everyday?’ me: πŸ™‚ because being covered is the way to go!
  • I don’t know if this is possible but ‘lowering your ears?’ Meaning just totally blocking out what is going around. From the morning music to the fowl language to the just plain useless talk during class. People are just so empty. Allah yehdeehum!
  • Dawah time- MUCH is needed. Looking out to the newbies at school, the school is over flowing with muslims, but.. subhanAllah we all need hidiyaah in the end of the day but some kids they just are so lost! The sad thing is many of them know the right but just get so sucked up into the ‘crowd’ that all they want to do is fit in! Alhamduilah you see people who try to go on to the good path what scares me are the onesΒ  who TRY to just be bad. Dawah also to the nonmuslims, there are a lot out there who are so sweet but just need that extra push.
  • Start school with a smile, yes hard to believe I am saying this :). But subhanAllah I started my first class all gloomy and now I just feel like that class won’t be a piece of cake.
  • I noticed many people walk around with no purpose saying the most ridiculous things! It really got me thinking, to renew my intention. Why do I want to study? Whats what I study going to get me into life? Will i benefit our ummah?
  • I found myself thinking of a specific someone all day long πŸ™‚ How did I reflect about this? I don’t know, I guess I just reflected about our friendship πŸ˜› alhamduliah

I did take down some notes but I just kept daydreaming
(there was a reason behind the name of this blog :))

And here it comes again…


SubhanAllah its seems like it was yesterday that I was coming home from my last exam! Now its the end of August, and I just got my scheduele… *sigh*

School Year Resolutions:

  • School is kinda serious, so take it seriously
  • If you choose to make school based on friends then you won’t study
  • Ignore people in the hallways
  • Don’t talk between classes try to just get there!
  • Lunch time is to chill don’t talk about classes
  • In class, sit in the front so you can actually understand what your teacher is saying!
  • Don’t base your way of getting knowledge from teachers, I figured this out the hard way. Do your own research!
  • Live in my little bubble (aka my abaya)
  • Take a rest from GMAIL 😦