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What do you proclaim?


“In our Sujood we proclaim سبحان ربِّيَ ألأعلى – Glory be to Allah The Most High. We do this with our forehead pressed to the floor (a place that people just walked on). We take what we hold so proudly and take such care of and we place it on the ground.


Now as we are rising, we are proclaiming الله اكبر – Allah is GREATER.
As we are getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves that Allah is Greater. 2 seconds ago with our forehead to the ground we proclaimed: Glory be to Allah the Most High. While getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves, it doesn’t matter how high up we get, physical, spiritual, monetary,etc.. Allah is Greater.

Allah is reminding us: PUT YOURSELF IN CHECK : that floor you just raised your head from, I created you from it, and I will return you to it. So never for a second forget that Allah is Greater.

How often do we prefer what we want over what Allah swt wants us to do?(when we commit such acts, we are proclaiming with our actions: I am greater, my needs are greater.)

How can we do such a thing!

That’s what Adam a.s. and Hawwa a.s. realized when they committed that act of disobedience and Tawbah granted them the ability to get closer to Allah once again.”


We Are Family


Family is the most essential thing in a persons life, and it sometimes scares me how little care we take of it.

Family: it’s a 6 letter word but it is like from A to Z. It consists everything, it means everything. It is everything. 

Families aren’t perfect, no one has a perfect family, but why do we live with not the best. Why can’t we work on our family relationships as we work so hard to get the best marks? Why don’t we take care of the beauty of the family not just in public, but behind shut doors. 

Family is precious. Its not comparable to gold or diamonds, it can’t be compared to anything materialistic, because NO matter what, our family is always there. They’ll love us unconditionally, and for no reason … which i feel is the meaning of family. 

I don’t know what it is, but i feel like our society has given us an image now that you can live alone, by yourself, be independent  Don’t get me wrong, i’m all about independence (my feminine side coming out) but you can’t do it alone, you need a leaning shoulder, a nice word, someone there in your life. You can’t and i think it is kind of sick if you totally eliminate ‘family’ from your life. 

Islam is beautiful. Islam teaches us what family means. It sets for us a lifestyle where family is a major part of it. Family needs to be part of it. In islam you learn that kinship is what keeps the world a better place. It emphasizes the cutting off of kinship and shows its punishment in the hereafter, and seeing the great punishment shows you the value of your family and those whom are close to you. 

As ‘teenagers’, we tend to not realize how important our family is… sadly. We tend to see our friends more important. Our studies occupy most of our time, our extracurricular activities take over our lives. Its a beautiful thing to be active, to take care of our studies, to have a social life, but its scary if that doesn’t leave us room to take care of our parents. To tell our parents before we sleep we love them, to hug our siblings, to go an extra step and show them they matter. 

We all make mistakes. We do dumb things, and only come to remember them when its too late. I just wish we can learn to forgive each other more often, and smile much more 🙂 

I love my family, i know i can quite the introvert sometimes, and not talk to them as much as i should, and that is something i really want to work on.




Our Lord, forgive me and my parents