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What do you proclaim?


“In our Sujood we proclaim سبحان ربِّيَ ألأعلى – Glory be to Allah The Most High. We do this with our forehead pressed to the floor (a place that people just walked on). We take what we hold so proudly and take such care of and we place it on the ground.


Now as we are rising, we are proclaiming الله اكبر – Allah is GREATER.
As we are getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves that Allah is Greater. 2 seconds ago with our forehead to the ground we proclaimed: Glory be to Allah the Most High. While getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves, it doesn’t matter how high up we get, physical, spiritual, monetary,etc.. Allah is Greater.

Allah is reminding us: PUT YOURSELF IN CHECK : that floor you just raised your head from, I created you from it, and I will return you to it. So never for a second forget that Allah is Greater.

How often do we prefer what we want over what Allah swt wants us to do?(when we commit such acts, we are proclaiming with our actions: I am greater, my needs are greater.)

How can we do such a thing!

That’s what Adam a.s. and Hawwa a.s. realized when they committed that act of disobedience and Tawbah granted them the ability to get closer to Allah once again.”


Chivalry is NOT Dead


Chivalry is not dead. As a volunteer i was given strict orders that men did not sit with their wives and whatnot. And all went well. Then came along this man and his wife. At first i thought he just wanted to seat her and come down but then he sat beside her. I asked the amo kindly to leave but his eyes teared and pointed at his blind wife who tightly clinged to him. I couldnt bare the sight and allowed him to stay. I was never so touched by anyone as i were today. This love the keeps two together even through hardships… Its so merciful. I made duaa when i saw this for Allah to send me mr right a man of akhlaq and love till the day where i may go blind but he wont stop me from gaining knowledge.